“In patterns of music... are the keys of learning.” –Plato

Our Philosophy

How and why we teach

JPB PIANO Studios offers premier piano lessons and performance programs that foster creativity, technical excellence, and artistic achievement.

Young piano student performing in recital
Performance opportunities include recitals, live shows, competitions, and much more.

Our lessons embrace communication between the student and teacher, starting an intellectual and creative exchange that builds the confidence, skill, and awareness needed to become not only an exceptional musician but an enlightened learner.

Music is a personal journey

JPB PIANO Studios, serving Swansea, the South Coast, and Rhode Island since 1992.
Serving Swansea, the South Coast, and Rhode Island since 1992.

No two students are exactly alike. There is no one-size-fits-all learning model. We make learning a personal journey.

Your goals shape your lesson ...

Our students take lessons for a wide variety of reasons:

... and your style.



Chamber music










Learn how to learn

A passion for learning and strong fundamentals can build a bright future. Learning is not a chore or a job. There are no limits to learning: no finish or arrival. We teach our students how to learn, building critical listening and thinking skills that reach far beyond their piano lesson. Learning is a lifestyle we embrace and encourage our students to share.

Our lessons are a conversation between teacher and student. We introduce students to music and ask them to articulate their reactions musically and academically.

Discover more about our world

Music is more than sound or printed notes. Musicality — developing an interpretation, performing with style and feeling — is equally as important as sound technique (articulation, posture, mechanics). We develop a sense of musical and social empathy: discovering connections between the abstract and concrete and understanding how music effects people and our world.

Music tells a rich story. We contextualize works in history, culture, society, and our students’ everyday lives. We hope our students leave our studio not only confident, capable musicians but also a more enlightened and informed citizen.

Build a strong foundation

The Western Classical canon emphasizes both technique and musicality while encouraging patience and a commitment to excellence. Classical music is a wonderful gateway to most musical genres, allowing students to pursue their own interests and expand their musical taste.

We believe reading music is vital to becoming a better musician. Beginning students learn music notation in addition to ear-training and listening exercises.

Lesson Rates

Included with your lessons

  1. Minimum of 4 recitals year-round
    • 2 recitals exlusive to JPB PIANO students
    • 2 Honors Recitals hosted by the Southeastern MMTA
    • Online and live stream recitals throughout the year. Share your music with family, friends, and the community!
    • Watch the most recent online recital on our YouTube channel.
  2. An annual Master Class conducted by internationally-recognized pianists and educators and organized by the Southeastern MMTA.
  3. Organized, engaging lessons
Lesson types and tuition rates
Type Minutes Rate/lesson
For further information, you can call us or view our Lesson and Tuition Policy.
Weekly 30 $21
most popular
45 $30
Weekly 60 $42
Family-rate weekly
Discount rate for families with 2+ children
60 $38
Biweekly 60 $42

Our Instructors

Learn from professional performers

Our instructors don’t simply teach: they inspire and motivate each student. With over 50 years of teaching and performing experience, our educators turn struggle into achievement, one student at a time.

Jennifer Pollard-Boisvert

Founder, owner, and principal instructor

Creating JPB PIANO Studios was the culmination of a life-long dream for Jennifer.

After a diversified career that included immersions in history, business management, writing, publishing, and health care public relations, Mrs. B (as she is known by her students) returned to study piano performance and music at a collegiate level. This led her to develop the Melody Shoppe, a music business offering piano and instrumental lessons from 10 instructors and stocked with contemporary music merchandise.

In the early 2000s she reorganized the enterprise into JPB PIANO Studios, a new project exclusively devoted to the art and instruction of piano.

Jennifer has served as music director for several churches in Southeastern Massaschusetts. She is a member of the National Music Teachers Association, the Massachusetts Music Teachers Association, and serves as an officer for the MMTA Southeastern chapter. She is the local chair of the MMTA Music Achievement Evaluation Program.

Josh N. Martin

Performer, Instructor

Josh believes great stories drive our world. A life and love of practice, performing, competing, and absorbing as much music as possible led naturally to teaching. His goal is to educate, encourage, and help students create their own story.

Josh is an alumni of JPB PIANO Studios predecessor, the Melody Shoppe, where he began studying at age eight with Ann Lamoureaux. He has performed professionally and competitively for over 15 years in the Greater Boston, the South Shore, and Rhode Island. He has served as Director of Music at the Congregational Christian Church of Somerset for nine years. He’s an alumni of the award-winning Bit Players improv comedy group in Newport, RI. He won the Greater Fall River Symphony’s 2006 Young Artist Competition and has been recognized by the Chopin Society in Providence, RI and the Chaminade Music Society of Attleboro, MA.

Josh is a member of the National Music Teachers Association and the Massachusetts Music Teachers Association.

Our Studios

Located minutes from Exit 3 off I-195.

Our pianos are maintained by Mr. David Dragone at A Fine Tune Piano, and we highly recommend his services for your home piano.

Jennifer Boisvert's teaching studio includes a Yamaha GH2 grand piano.
Jennifer Boisvert’s studio, featuring a Yamaha GH2 grand piano.
Josh Martin's teaching studio features a Kawai GE1 grand piano.
Our second studio includes a Kawai GE1.
Parents and guests are invited to relax in a comfortable, homelike waiting area.
Parents and guests are invited to relax during lessons in our waiting room.

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